I have worked with paintings, mosaic and creativity since I was a little girl.
I am very interested in aesthetics – both indoors and outdoors.

I have had several mosaic decorating assignments, e.g. for d.a.i. arkitekter ingeniører, Silkeborg.

For a period of years, I have taught at the ”Skolen for Kunst og Design”, Aarhus, as well as at the VIA University College, Horsens.

I participated in the interior decoration programme on Danish TV2 called “Our House”.

The last decade I have made talks, presentations and workshops for companies, organizations, institutions and various groups,
among others:
a customers conference for the IT company, ScanJour, in Copenhagen,
a merger conference for the Plantedirektoratet Randers,
end-of-the-day meetings at Dansk Magisterforening in Copenhagen and in Aarhus,
3 talks in English during a California-tour in 2014, e.g. at the Institute for Mosaic Art in Berkeley,
a creative day for the Særforanstaltningen i Horsens,
an inspirational talk in English on creativity and passion for international students at the Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup,
as well as creative days promoting well-being for students and teachers at the Rungsted Private Realskole.

I have a passion for providing creative input on flow and following your passion as well as entrepreneurship and innovation, and I have made a talk about this among others at an “Innovaction” event for the Business Academy Aarhus.

On top of this, I regularly set up intensive, one-day mosaic courses at in Gl. Rye.
Contact me at +45 40 21 65 94 or send me a mail, if you have special course wishes or questions about course dates.

In July 2012, I published the Danish book, De Kreative Mellemrum” – Bliv et kreativt skabende menneske.
The book has been translated into English, now titled “The Creative Spaces in Between”: Being Consciously Creative in Everyday Life, and as an eBook it has been published in a vide range of editions for the various eReaders at the international distribution platforms.

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Marie Elisabeth A. Franck Mortensen,

Marie Elisabeth
Arberg Franck Mortensen


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